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Heavy Duty / Performance Transmissions

We have been remanufacturing transmissions for 35 years. We only build a few different heavy duty/performance transmissions so we can dyno test each transmission before shipping them out. This sets us apart from the rest of the large transmission remanufacturers. They do random checks or no checks at all. We provide the highest quality remanufactured transmissions and customer service to every one we deal with. We remanufacture your heavy duty/performance transmissions to your specs and dyno test it before it’s shipped out. Heck, you can come and watch us dyno test it if you like.

  • All of our HD Transmissions are dyno tested on our Mustang dynamometer before they are installed or shipped out. 
  • Owners have 35 years of hands on Transmission Diagnostics and Rebuilding Transmissions.
  • Roughneck Transmissions HD Units are the highest quality at the most competitive price.
  • Comes with a standard 18 month or 100,000 mile warranty on all of our HD transmissions
  •  First Responder owned. 


Warranty Disclaimer

All transmissions come standard with a limited 18 month/100,000 nationwide warranty against faulty workmanship and defective parts to the original purchaser. This warranty is non-transferable. Roughneck Transmissions reserves the right to void this warranty if abuse/misuse is suspected or if the terms and conditions are not met. End user must notify Roughneck Transmissions immediately of any transmission concerns. If vehicle continues to be driven the warranty will be voided. End user must notify Roughneck Transmissions of any suspected transmission problems prior to any work being performed. In case of malfunction during the warranty period, the unit must be diagnosed by Roughneck Transmissions or a certified repair facility of our choosing before any replacement or repairs will be authorized. This warranty does not cover improper installation, abuse, neglect, flooding, alterations, accidents, overheating, high performance computer software use or high performance driving, rental car, coolant damage due to a faulty transmission cooler. Damage due to exceeding manufacturers towing limits, casualty loss and loss of use, per diem expenses or consequential damage due to prolonged use of the malfunctioning transmission. Tow charges are not covered without prior approval from Roughneck Transmissions. Roughneck Transmissions will not cover, under any circumstances, low fluid damage due to driving the vehicle while it is leaking transmission fluid or low on transmission fluid. We do not cover damage due to programmers/tuners. Transmission must be serviced every 30,000 miles with synthetic ATF or if the fluid starts to turn brown before such time. Customer is responsible for checking the fluid level and condition no less than once a month. If a breakdown does occur you will be asked to provide maintenance records for the vehicle. I,                       , accept the terms of this warranty.

Warranty accepted by       Date


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